About the Workshop

The Technical Workshop on Project Preparation - Transformative Climate Resilience Water Project Concepts in Asia will be held from 15-17 October at Asian Development Bank (ADB) - Headquarters, Manila, Philippines.

The workshop responds to the demands expressed by the countries to strengthen their capacity to prepare high quality climate resilience water project proposals. These proposals will be appropriately structured for project financing and be ready to access the diverse set of available financial resources. Inevitably, the proposals developed at the workshop can access the Green Climate Fund  (GCF) financing as well as the skills developed during the process can potentially be used for preparing climate resilience water projects that may seek financing from other unique sources.

The workshop aims to,

  • Build participant understanding of the overall climate adaptation finance landscape in Asia, with the view to enable countries to identify potential funding sources for climate resilient water projects
  • Present the GCF, its mandate, investment criteria, and its operational modalities and procedures for delivering climate finance through different windows
  • Discuss GCF financing instruments, along with fit-for-purpose examples of climate rationale, project design, and financing instrument selection in the Asian context
  • Discuss approaches for articulating incremental costs of climate-proofing water projects
  • Review challenges and constraints, and explore solutions for DAEs to coordinate with NDAs, and water ministries, water-related sectors in preparation of GCF projects
  • Identify opportunities and follow-up activities for GCF Concept Note preparation

Expected Outcomes

The expected outcomes of the workshop are:

  • Enhanced understanding of climate adaptation finance landscape in Asia
  • Enhanced understanding of the GCF impact criteria, operational modalities and procedures, and financing instruments
  • Clear understanding of concrete steps needed to prepare strong climate resilient water project concepts for GCF
  • Approaches and available resources understood for articulating climate rationale and estimating incremental costs of climate-proofing water investments
  • Enhanced understanding of the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved throughout the project cycle
  • Identification of potential GCF project concepts for each participating country
  • Launch of follow-on support mechanism – Project Preparation Partnership for Climate Resilient Water Projects in Asia

Target Audience

The workshop targets participants from Asia and supports project preparation and delivery by strengthening capacity of,

  • Water resource planners from water ministries and agencies
  • GCF National Designated Authorities
  • Current and potential GCF Direct Access Entities
  • GWP Pan-Asia Programme Managers, Regional Coordinators, and Country Water Partnerships

Resource Experts

The workshop will draw from the following resource experts:

  • GCF Accredited Entities and NDAs, to share experiences and lessons
  • Climate science specialists, to build capacity to articulate climate rationale for GCF concept note and proposals
  • GWP and partner organizations in project development and financing
  • GCF Secretariat specialists, to build understanding and capacity around the GCF, its standards, procedures, and requirements