AIP Programme Overview

 In June 2017, the High Level Panel on Water (HLPW), through the Government of South Africa, commissioned GWP to develop a legacy water initiative for Africa. In response, the Africa Water Investment Programme (AIP) has been developed in collaboration with African Union and the African Development Bank (AfDB) /Africa Water Facility. 

Based on the concept of economy-wide interdependence the AIP will  through the programme components on SDG 6 investments; Resilience; Project Preparation and Financing; and Water Governance, revitalise ongoing activities of the water community in Africa to realise the Africa Water Vision 2025 and consolidate the achievements to-date of those interventions.

By way of contributing to processes to deepen the impact of those efforts, the AIP will through the programme components on Valuing Water; and Catalysing Change  - focus its activities on responding to the three generally accepted bottlenecks in the delivery of the infrastructure needed to underpin economic growth and transformation in Africa, namely: 

  • the need for investment guarantees for water management, the fundamental aspects of which are not only public responsibility, but also require 15 – 25 years for the tangible benefits to be realised;
  • the need for independent, integrated economic analysis to highlight the pivotal role of effective water management and adequate sanitation and related services provision in the economy; and where development is most urgently required to facilitate growth; and
  • the need for effective transaction management to enable development planning to be effectively translated into both tangible infrastructure assets and related solutions, which will contribute to sustainable growth and prosperity for all.

    Read more on solutions required in the delivery of the infrastructure needed to underpin economic growth and transformation in Africa; namely

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