Pan-Asia Learning Webinar

June 18, 2019 : 8:30 Stockholm / 11:30 Tashkent / 12:00 Colombo / 13:30 Jakarta


Water-related adaptation planning and project preparation across countries in Asia: Korea Global Adaptation Week & the NAP Water Supplement

This webinar is a follow-up to the 2018  Technical  Workshop  on Project Preparation for Transformational Climate Resilient Water Project Concepts in  Asia, held in Manila.

At the workshop, participants set in motion a partnership for climate resilient water project development in Asia, as a platform for countries to exchange knowledge and lessons as their experience in preparing, financing, and implementing water projects grows, particularly in the context of the GCF.  This webinar is an activity for this living ‘community of practice’.


  • Share and discuss with Pan-Asia colleagues learnings from Korea Adaptation Week/NAP Expo/TEM-A relevant to countries’ work on NAP development and implementation, GCF readiness, water project concept preparation
  • Introduce the Water Supplement to the UNFCCC’s NAP Technical Guidelines, unveiled by GWP and the UNFCCC LEG at Adaptation Week, discuss how it can be useful for countries for water-related adaptation planning and project preparation
  • Reflect on whether this ‘sharing/learning’ experience is useful in the Pan-Asian context


The webinar is open to all participants of the 2018 Technical Workshop on Project Preparation for Transformational Climate Resilience Water Project Concepts in Asia, held in Manila, namely – Water Ministry officials, GCF National Designated Authorities (NDAs), GCF Direct Access Entities (DAEs), GWP regional and country partners, and development partners. We invite you to share this invitation to relevant and interested colleagues beyond workshop participants.


All prospective participants are requesed to register for the Webinar by June 10, 2019.