RBO Workshops

The SADC Secretariat has been holding a series of workshops for the transboundary River Basin Organisations (RBOs) in the region since 2006. The workshops are organised with the aim of using RBOs as a vehicle for strengthening regional integration and have served as a key tool for implementing SADC’s Revised Regional Protocol on Shared Watercourses (2000).

The specific objectives of the biannual workshops are:

(a)    To support the continuous improvement in the capacity and ability of RBOs to effectively discharge their mandates;

(b)    To continue the refinement and scoping of the strategy for establishment, institutional development and strengthening of RBO’s, and facilitate the conceptualization and develop of programmes aimed at strengthening RBOs;

(c)     To provide a platform for awareness raising and sharing and exchange of good practices, knowledge, experiences and lessons with respect to the cooperative management and development of shared watercourses;

(d)    To provide a mechanism for implementing SADC’s Regional Strategic Action Plan on Integrated Water Resources Development and Management (RSAP), now in its fourth phase; and

(e)    To coordinate the development and implementation of approaches for the management and development of the water resources of shared watercourses.

The venue for the workshops rotates amongst the SADC Member States, and the workshops are attended by officials of the SADC Secretariat; officials of the RBOs and Permanent Joint Technical Committees (PJTCs); members of SADC’s Water Resources Technical Committee (WRTC) who are mainly Directors of Water, Energy and Agriculture in the SADC countries; and Gender Water Focal Points from the SADC Member States. There is also occasional representation from river basin organisations from other parts of Africa, regional organisations, and International Cooperating Partners (ICPs) active in the SADC water sector.