The SADC WEF Nexus Project

Phase I also aims at identifying concrete investment projects - with a focus on multi-purpose water infrastructure - which could be funded under Phase II. The SADC WEF Nexus Dialogue Project is a strategic fit in the implementation of SADC's Regional water, energy, food policies, strategies and action plans. It will also contribute in implementing SADC's Roadmap and Strategy for Industrialisation. The project is expected to promote better interaction and synergies between the water, food, and energy sectors in order to unlock and optimize development potential of the region for economic growth and transformation.

Project Goal and Objectives

The goal is to support the transformation required to meet increasing water, energy and food security demand in a context of climate change in the SADC region through the development of an integrated nexus approach. The objective of the project is to create an enabling environment that will drive cross-sectoral engagement and implementation of nexus investment projects that contribute to enhancing water, food and energy security in the SADC region.

Expected Results

Two major outputs are expected from the project:

- SADC Regional WEF Nexus Operational Framework Ÿ Prioritized WEF Nexus Investment Projects;
- The SADC WEF Nexus Operational Framework provides overall guidance and tools to make decisions, coordinate between different sectors and facilitate Nexus investments in the SADC region. The goal is to inform investment decision making and associated risk management to ensure optimization of water, energy and food security.