Summary of Progress

Summary of SADC WEF Nexus Project Progress so far (as of June 2018)

SADC WEF Nexus Operational Framework
- WEF Nexus Country assessments are completed for 15 of the 16 SADC Member States. The assessments identified opportunities in the countries for WEF Nexus approach.
- A Regional WEF Governance and Stakeholders analysis carried out.
The assessment has provided clarity on the WEF nexus issues that are relevant for the SADC region.
- A draft discussion paper on WEF Nexus Governance was prepared.
The paper identified mechanisms for strengthening WEF nexus governance in the SADC region. The mechanisms are for strengthening WEF sectoral institutional coordination, and for aligning implementation of WEF sectoral policies.
- A draft WEF Nexus Regional Operational Framework was prepared
and was reviewed at the SADC Regional WEF Nexus Technical Dialogue.

WEF Nexus Investment Projects
- A draft discussion paper on WEF Nexus Investment was prepared.
- A draft SADC WEF Nexus investment project screening and appraisal tool developed.
- A provisional list of 15 potential projects was developed to apply
WEF nexus approach in the region.

WEF Nexus Dialogue
- Several regional and global platforms including the 7th & 8th SADC River Basin Organizations (RBOs) workshops, 8th SADC Multi- Stakeholder Water Dialogue, 3rd Zambezi Basin Stakeholders' Forum and the 8th World Water Forum (in Brazil) have been used to engage and consult with stakeholders on the WEF nexus.
- The 1ST SADC WEF Nexus Technical Dialogue was very useful in defining the scope of the country WEF nexus assessments.
- The 2nd SADC WEF Nexus Technical Dialogue reviewed the draft