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  • Competition time!

    Global Water Partnership's youth initiative “Youth for Water and Climate” is announcing a competition for youth-led projects on water and climate inspired by the white paper recommendations made at COP 21. Submit your proposal by 14 October and claim one out of the five €1,000 awards available!

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  • Unveiling the secrets of rainwater harvesting in Santorini: Ancient cisterns provide knowledge for contemporary sustainable water management

    GWP-Med with its deep knowledge and long experience on rainwater harvesting in the Greek islands, designed a project aimed at advancing rainwater harvesting in the island of Santorini, in collaboration with the University of Cornell. It is envisaged that the project will continue next year, giving an opportunity to more students to engage in hands-on activities to unveil the secrets of rainwater harvesting and share the lessons of sustainable water use from the ancient to current times.

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  • GWP-Med’s contribution to the 30th Session of the Montenegrin National Council for Sustainable Development, Climate Change and Integrated Coastal Zone Management

    GWP-Med was represented at the National Council for Sustainable Development, Climate Change and Integrated Coastal Zone Management that convened in Podgorica, on 15 June 2016, headed by H.E. the President of Montenegro, Mr. Filip Vujanović, to review the draft National Strategy for Sustainable Development until 2030 and discuss issues and actions related to the coastal zone management and the protection and management of water resources in Montenegro.

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  • Harvesting Rainwater, Sustaining Life

    Rainwater harvesting is not a modern practice. It has been practised since ancient times and it is still used to address current water challenges. Konstantina Toli, Senior Programme Officer at GWP-Med, writes a blog post about lessons from three GWP regions (Carribean, Central America, Mediterranean). This post was originally published in Spanish for Entre Aguas, a publication of GWP Central America.

  • Elaborating on the future of the Tunisian agriculture under climate change constraints

    In the framework of its wider partnership with the Tunisian Ministry for Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries, and under the WACDEP Programme, GWP-Med held a national workshop on the thematic “The Tunisian agriculture faced with climate change: which guidelines, measures and priority actions to follow?”, on 30-31 Mai 2016, in Gammarth, Tunisia.

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  • Women and water: building capacities and raising awareness on women’s role in water integrity in the MENA Region

    Following the two previous Regional Alumni Workshops that targeted civil society and operational/mid-level management staff, GWP-Med organized the 3rd Regional Alumni Workshop in the framework of the Sida funded and UfM labelled programme ‘Water Integrity Capacity Building Programme for the MENA Region’, targeting women stakeholders this time, to equip them with tailor-made pro-integrity messages and tools.

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