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  • New Knowledge Products

    Drawing Lessons from the WACDEP

    A number of knowledge products have been developed to help capture the various lessons and experiences drawn from the various Water Climate and Development Programme (WACDEP) activities. Read More

  • “Water Security for Gender Parity”

    GWPSA and Partners Celebrate 2016 IWD

    GWPSA and its partner pledge for plarity in commemoration of IWD 2016- read statements  from some of the women working in the water sector, and how they have dealt with issues of plarity:

  • SDG Preparedness facility

    Supporting countries for a rapid start to implementing SDG 6

    In Southern Africa, two countries (Tanzania and Zambia) have been selected for the implementation of the SDG Water Preparedness Facility (SDG Water PF). Which is designed to deepen and streamline the vision of water security. Read more

  • GWP launches New Video

    Commemorating GWP’s 20th anniversary

    To commemorate GWP’s 20th anniversary, a 2-minute video has been produced explaining – without words – the challenges of the world’s water crises and GWP’s answer: join our network so that all stakeholders can work in partnership to secure water for sustainable development. Read More

    Watch video
  • SADC Regional Water Programme

    Supporting the Implementation of the RSAP

    GWP SA supports the implementation of the SADC Regional Strategic Action Plan (RSAP). A framework for action to achieve the sustainable development of water resources in the region. The RSAP IV on Integrated Water Resources Management (2016-2015) was approved in September, 2015. Read more on RSAP IV process; read more on previous RSAPs and the RSAP IV formulation process and description 

  • More about GWP

    Partner With Us

    GWP is what it is because of its network: over 2,500 Partners, with about 350 in Southern Africa. There are many ways to get involved, from subscribing to receive news to becoming an official Partner.

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