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GWP South East Asia

The mission of GWP- SEA is to encourage, support, facilitate member countries in achieving sustainable water for all  through the Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) approach.

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  • Myanmar Water Partnership

    Multi-Stake holders Dialogue on Water Security Issues Focusing on Climate Resilience Aspect

    Water security issues are the most important issues related to sustainable national development where sharing of experiences, knowledge, and lessons learnt and awareness raising in this context among public-private participation are essential to achieve the prosperous national goals and needs. Water is a key to sustainable development and GWP Myanmar have a shared responsibility for protecting the water security issues focusing on water and climate resilience. The impacts of extreme climate events such as drought and floods through water are faced by the people now.

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  • The 2nd MRC Summit & Conference

    The Benefit of Transboundary Cooperation

    The 2nd MRC Summit & Conference was held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on 2-3 April 2014. More than 300 international and regional water experts, stakeholders & delegations from the MRC Member Countries, China, Myanmar and development partners discussed the issued about Mekong River & its resources and set strategic directions and policy for the MRC. One of the issues of discussion from the conference was the benefit of transboundary cooperation in ensuring water, energy, and food security while considering climate change. This issue has been discussed among UN, GWP and various other International & Regional Organizations.

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  • Vietnam Water Partnership

    Dialogue on Community Participation in Irrigation Management


    In Vietnam, community participation in irrigation management (PIM) has been developed in nearly 20 years, with 16,238 organizations including the irrigation services, water users, and irrigation management committee. These organizations contributed greatly and effectively to the management of minor irrigation construction works in reservoirs and pumping stations on a small scale. It shows the inevitable demand for irrigation management in Vietnam and continues to grow both in quantity and performance efficiency.

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