The SDG6 IWRM Support Programme is a new and innovative initiative. The goal is to support country and regional responses to SDG 6.5 as an entry point to accelerate implementation of SDG 6 and other water-related goals.

This is achieved by supporting the official SDG monitoring and reporting processes, and by helping countries design and implement responses that directly promote measurable progress.

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The Programme has already advanced SDG reporting in more than 30 countries. Together with UN Environment-DHI, the custodian agency of SDG 6.5.1, GWP has convened 36 workshops to collect the official country data for 6.5.1 (degree of IWRM implementation).

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How to #ActOnSDG6?

We asked GWP Partners and staff in South Africa and Botswana what they think decision-makers can do to make sure SDG6 is a priority.

Share our Message!

We have created a photo album in Flickr with campaign images for all GWP regions - feel free to share the message of ActOnSDG6 by using these images.

How it all started

In early 2015 we started campaigning for water to remain one the the Sustainable Development Goals - this is what GWP staff in Stockholm, Sweden, had to say.