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GWP Central Africa

  • World Water Day 2016

    National Water Week 2016 in Yaounde

    The GWP-CAf’s role was to support the implementation of the programs of its partners, particularly “AIDER” an NGO, in order to disseminate water knowledge among students and educative communities and to stimulate/enhance youth to get interested in water jobs. GWP-CAf also seized this opportunity to interact with other partners and disseminate GWP-CAf strategy.Read more

  • GWP-Cameroon

    6th Council Meeting of GWP Cameroon

    The statutory meeting was attended by 21 participants representing the different college of Partners in Cameroon. It aimed at thinking of developing new strategies to get Partners more involved and interested in the life of the partnership, on the one hand commenting and approving the 2014 and 2015 GWP-Cmr annual reports, as well as the 2016 work plan, on the other hand. Read more

  • GWP Sao Tome and Principe

    Valdemira Tavares, GWP-STP Chair

    On April 19, 2016, Sao Tome and Principe Water Partnership (GWP-STP) held its general assembly of partners in Sao Tome. The Partners elected a new executive committee chaired by Ms Valdemira Tavares, former Ministry of agricultureS. Read more

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