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Unveiling the secrets of rainwater harvesting in Santorini: Ancient cisterns provide knowledge for contemporary sustainable water management

Five old, hand crafted rainwater storage cisterns located in the villages of Pyrgos, Mesa Gonia and Exo Gonia, were in the focus of a research project recently concluded in Santorini. The project aimed at advancing rainwater harvesting in the island of Santorini, undertaken by the University of Cornell and Global Water Partnership – Mediterranean, with the support of the Municipality and the Water Supply and Sewage Authority of Thera (Santorini).

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Celebrating World Water Day 2016 in Tunisia with a workshop on “Water, Youth and Employment”

Upon finalization of the campaign ÔVI (eau=vie / water=life) that has been running throughout February and March in primary schools around Tunisia to raise awareness on water scarcity and the importance of water saving, the Global Water Partnership - Mediterranean (GWP-Med) celebrated the World Water Day by organizing a workshop on “Water, Youth and Employment” on Saturday, 19 March 2016, in Hammamet.

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Four-day Workshop for Operational Staff in the MENA Region concretises Water Integrity action plans

The 2nd Regional Alumni Workshop of the ‘Water Integrity Capacity Building Programme for the MENA Region’ was organised by GWP-Med (8-11 February 2016, Dead Sea, Jordan). Regional alumni workshops aim to lead to the creation of a regional community of practice on water integrity and foster water integrity ambassadors, reinforcing the enabling environment and building synergies in the target countries and the MENA Region at large. The first Regional Alumni Workshop (November 2015, Tunis, Tunisia) targeted alumni from the national civil society workshops, whereas this second one targeted operational/mid-level management staff.  

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Progress in the work on Water Integrity in the MENA Region: specific outputs for the Water Integrity MENA Programme

Securing continuous political support for enhanced ownership, wide outreach and impact, is among the horizontal objectives of the regional project "Capacity Building Programme on Water Integrity in the Middle East and North Africa"[1]. This SIWI-led, Sida-supported, UfM-labelled programme where GWP-Med is a core regional partner, aims to develop capacities of targeted water stakeholder groups at different governance levels to improve transparency, accountability and participatory practices in water management in the MENA region. Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia are the focus countries of this work.

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MedPartnership and ClimVar Projects end

The MedPartnership and ClimVar projects held their final meeting on 3-4 November 2015 in Athens, Greece to showcase the results achieved through the activities and demonstration projects implemented over the past five years or so aiming to address the main environmental challenges that Mediterranean marine and coastal ecosystems face.