Capacity Building

One of the cornerstones of the existence of GWP is to be a knowledge sharing network. This was pioneered by the GWP Technical Committee, a group of internationally recognised professionals and scientists who are at the forefront of proposing actions that will promote sustainable water resources management.

The Technical Committee plays a key role in shaping the international debate through providing technical leadership for water resources management, the professional engagement of its members, by being GWP's voice in major regional and international forums, and by contributing to international initiatives.

Partners in the GWP network have, collectively, a vast array of information and knowledge on water management. They put this information and knowledge to work by sharing it, with each other and with policy-makers, private sector investors, financial institutions, regional bodies and international organisations. This cooperative effort to share, apply and generate knowledge by a broad range of stakeholders across the globe both draws on and strengthens individual efforts and, at the same time, fortifies the collective effort to change the way we manage water for the better.

Knowledge sharing

GWP shares knowledge widely, through publications, websites, workshops, training courses, meetings and informal exchanges. The GWP IWRM ToolBox – our free, online database on integrated water resources management with local, national, regional and global case studies and references – is particularly important in capturing, organising and sharing lessons learned.

The GWP Technical Committee produces papers and publications on water resources management in relation to a wide range of areas of policy-making and the implementation of IWRM.

As part of the Water, Climate and Development Programme (WACDEP), GWP has developed a Strategic Framework on Water Security and Climate Resilient Development to help governments develop ‘no/low’ regret investments and financing strategies. The programme has developed a wide range of knowledge material to support the improvement of water resources management.

Some programmes, such as the joint GWP-World Meteorological Organization Associated Programme on Flood Management and the Integrated Drought Management Programme, take GWP technical knowledge and use it to provide practical solutions.


Workshops are one way of transferring knowledge and build capacity. Workshops organised by GWP at many levels cover topics ranging from participatory approaches and gender awareness to financing and flood management.

Regional workshops supported by GWP Technical Committee gather top professionals to create connections between science and policy making on specific issues such as food and water security, climate change adaptation and IWRM, integrated urban water management. Reports from workshops can be found here.

Between 2007 and 2011, the European Union Water Initiative Finance Working Group and GWP organised workshops across the world on ways to finance water and sanitation services. A practical guide Financing for Water and Sanitation – a Primer for Practitioners and Students in Developing Countries captures what was covered in the workshops so that the information can be used by anyone, anywhere.

Knowledge Centers

There are several universities that use the ToolBox in their curriculum. But to build a closer working relationship on knowledge sharing with universities, GWP gathers academia professionals on a regular basis to explore the appropriate tools for introducing the IWRM concept into education syllabi. At the workshops, top university professors and young PhD students are able to expand scientific theory on practical on-site case studies gathered in IWRM ToolBox, central to GWP’s efforts to connect those who can provide knowledge with those who need knowledge on IWRM.

Further plans include the establishment of IWRM Knowledge Centers hosted at national and regional universities and other educational institutions. Such a network of universities can promote IWRM, share knowledge and experiences and building capacity.

Knowledge Partners

GWP works in close partnership with others to share knowledge. Knowledge Partners and Strategic Allies are organisations with whom GWP carries out joint workshops, publications and other initiatives. Read more about some of the key agencies we work with here:

GWP–Dundee University Scholarship

As capacity-building support to its Partner organizations, GWP, together with the University of Dundee, offer annually scholar-ships for 30 participants to undertake a module in International Water Law, in Dundee. The module is aimed at persons working in water resources who wish to acquire specialist knowledge of international water law, especially as it relates to transboundary water challenges in the GWP regions. The primary target is mid- to high- level practitioners and professionals from governments, NGOs, international organizations, academia, and the private sector.

More about the scholarship:

Posted: 2013-04-16

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