Delivering the Strategy

A process of change

GWP will strengthen and reform organisational and governance structures to deliver the 2009–2013 Strategy with its more operational focus. GWP will streamline and simplify governance systems to clarify and improve overall legitimacy and accountability. GWP will align the governance system more closely with its aspiration to be an effective global action network. GWP's organisational and governance evolution will recognise the rights, roles and responsibilities of the different elements that make up the Partnership and take into account the inherent duality of the network; the horizontal nature of the GWP network - the committed actors and processes for social change around the world that have been founded locally and have their own organisational processes, and the vertical nature of the Global Water Partnership Organization, an international organisation that must satisfy international law (with the Chair and Steering Committee appointed by the Sponsoring Partners) and basic financial requirements, hence requiring the authority of the international 'owners' and satisfying theinternational financial partners (donors).

The different elements of the network perceive the vertical and horizontal aspects of thesystem and their requirements, differently and have differing expectations. This creates a tension that can be healthy and dynamic, and is common in global action networks that are responsible for both driving social change and distributing funding. However, this tension has to be managed. If the GWP network mutates into a centralised hierarchy it will lose its comparative advantage. If it becomes too flexible it will lose its credibility and brand reputation.

To address this tension, GWP will manage resources effectively while upholding localautonomy and ownership. This puts more responsibility on Regional Water Partnerships for effective regional governance and better financial management. To achieve this, GWP will build stronger capabilities at all levels, improve the functioning of all GWP governance bodies and ensure accountability to protect the GWP brand.

To link the 'international organisation' face of GWPO with the 'network component' of the GWP, and put change agents at the centre of´the Partnership, the distinct roles and contributions of the different elements within the GWP structure must be identified.

Roles of the different GWP elements

GWP requires six essential (and interlinked) competencies to function effectively:

  1. Organising effective, efficient and accountable action on the ground;
  2. Improving the ability to build technical capacity at all levels and provide global intellectual leadership;
  3. Putting in place a robust network and communications system;
  4. Improving the strategic and policy setting abilities of internal governance bodies for making wise decisions;
  5. Securing the legitimacy of the system;
  6. Providing funding for the continued functioning of the network.

All elements are equally essential for meeting the Strategic Goals.

Posted: 2010-05-06

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