Associated Programme on Flood Management (WMO/GWP)

The Associated Programme on Flood Management (APFM) is a joint initiative of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the Global Water Partnership. It promotes the concept of Integrated Flood Management (IFM) as a new approach to flood management with the aim of efficiently using floodplains and minimizing losses of life from flooding. The programme has been financially supported by the governments of Japan, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

The Programme aims to combine IWRM principles into flood management practices and vice versa. It is designed to assist national and regional flood management institutions by providing access to synthesized knowledge and best practices, capacity building, advice on management, policy and strategy, and exchange of cross-regional experiences. Recently the Programme has established the HelpDesk for Integrated Flood Management (read below).

HelpDesk for Integrated Flood Management

The HelpDesk for Integrated Flood Management (IFM HelpDesk) has its origins in the debate on demand-driven guidance to countries that adopt integrated flood management as a development policy. As such the HelpDesk represents a novelty in engaging directly with the country and river basin levels of water resources managment in providing guidance on flood management policy, strategy, and institutional development related to flood issues.

Flood Management Policy Series

The Flood Management Policy Series consists of a set of advocacy papers focusing on specific aspects of IFM, such as social, economic, environmental, legal and institutional aspects are being compiled to facilitate the implementation of IFM principles into the development planning practice of river basins. These advocacy papers aim at initiating the policy makers and flood managers into giving considerations for the issues other than the engineering in the integrated flood management as complementary options.

Tools, case studies and reference material for Integrated Flood Management is available on the GWP ToolBox.

Photo: Flooding in Pakistan

Posted: 2010-06-30

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