The CACENA region can geographically be subdivided into two sub-regions: The Southern Caucasus (three countries – Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia), and Central Asia (six countries – Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Mongolia).

GWP CACENA is an integral part of the Global Water Partnerships network.

The  GWP CACENA is a well-established regional actor, who helps the region to solve difficult inter-state water resources issues as well as the countries to develop an Integrated Water Resources Management approach in policies and practices. The concept of providing a neutral platform for dialogues has grown in significance since GWP CACENA was established in 2002.

Due to active role of the Regional Water Partnership in CACENA a close cooperation has been established between water specialists in the region, joint activities have been implemented, as a result of which good relationship has been established between the countries. During the regional meetings within the framework of GWP CACENA, exchange of information and management experience takes place between the principal stakeholders. The GWP CACENA provides favorable conditions for integrating not only into the GWP network activities, but also for involving local partners into activities supported by other international organizations and donors – with the general goal to create water security over the region.

GWP CACENA Institutional Structure  

CHARTER of the Regional Water Partnership Network for the Countries of Caucasus and Central Asia (GWP CACENA)

Host Institution Agreement for  Regional Water Partnerships, January 2016