Uzbekistan is implementing the national strategy for the management and development of irrigation for 2021-2023

The Republic of Uzbekistan is doubly landlocked country, located in the hearth of Central Asia and belong to the Aral Sea basin.  The water resources management sector has the biggest significance for Uzbekistan. Since 2017 three stages of the water sector reforms were done. In 2021 the Decree of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. PP-5005 "On approval of the strategy for managing water resources and developing the irrigation sector in the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2021–2023" was adopted.

More information is in the article by Vadim Sokolov, Head of Agency of IFAS, Chair of the TAC of GWP CACENA


Implementing the source-to-sea approach in Georgia

Georgia is in the process of development of the National Environmental Action Programme trying to apply modern holistic approaches. In this context the source-to-sea approach is seemed to be an appropriate one to address environmental problems of Georgia. Dr. Gvantsa Sivsivadze reviewed from a policy perspective by analyzing the use of the approach within a development process of the draft strategic environmental document – 4th National Environmental Action Programme of Georgia. The article by Dr. Gvantsa Sivsivadze discusses application of the source-to-sea approach in practice in Georgia, in particular by analyzing practical implementation of the key principles of the approach.


Aral: from ideas to practical implementation:Opinion

The Pravda Vostoka newspaper editorial office asked Dr. Vadim Sokolov, Head of Agency of the International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea (IFAS) and one of the leading experts on the Aral Sea problems in Uzbekistan, to comment the article about the Aral Sea of Philip Micklin (USA) and Nikolay Aladin (Russia) in the book "Large Asian Lakes in a Changing World" issued by the Springer publishing house.

Read the article of Dr. Vadim Sokolov (in Russian) here...


SDG Preparedness Facility

Following the United Nations post-2015 Development Agenda adopted by Member States at the UN General Assembly in September 2015, GWP set up a SDG Preparedness Facility (SDG-PF) to help countries implement the SDGs, particularly Goal 6, which is dedicated to water. Today 2 countries in CACENA region - Armenia and Kazakhstan - are engaged in implementing 3-year projects within the SDG-PF.


GWP CACENA to 20th Anniversary of the Global Water Partnership

GWP CACENA issued the booklet devoted to 20th Anniversary of GWP. This booklet is a review of GWP CACENA activity from its establishment in 2002 till current year, as well as about people who are a driving force of GWP CACENA  today and those who contributed to GWP CACENA potential in the past.