IWRM balances water uses

Water availability for all is not always assured

Need to adapt to negative impacts of climate change

Mekrou Project in Niger

A water reservoir for wild animals in the W Park to reduce poverty

The water point that is being built in the reserve was designed for a capacity of 10,000 cubic meters but has been upgraded to 16,000 m3 to keep water for a longer period after the rainy season ending generally in September of early October. This water point is estimated to serve for the biodiversity of a catchment basin of 20 km


Teaching how to adapt to drought impacts

"We did not know that it was possible to pull something out of this area. But thanks to what we learned, we could collect sesame. The area once was forsaken because for us it became unfit for agriculture and we felt obliged to move to other more fertile lands”, says Nourou TRAORE, read more