GWP Strategy 2020-2025

GWP has launced its new Strategy for 2020-2025 - Mobilising for a Water Secure World. The Strategy,, and a Summary of its main points, is available to download along with the other GWP Strategy Documents, Throughout the 2019 autumn, the Strategy is being launched at different events in all GWP regions, include in the Southeast Asia (click here for details).

In Southeast Asia, the new strategy was launced during the 3rd World Irrigation Forum (supporting event 7), which held on September 3, 2019 in Nusa Dua - Bali, Indonesia. The Supporting event 7 "Powerful alliance: Multi-stakeholders Platform (MSP) contributions on food and water security processes in Asia" has brought together 3 different cases from Indonesia, Bangladesh, and China on how a multi-stakeholder platform can contribute in food and water security in the country.

GWPSEA  joined the annual GWP Network Meeting 2019 on 26 June

GWP's annual Network Meeting 2019 took place 25-26 June. Based on the successful participation of so many Partners at last year’s meeting, an online ‘Follow the Sun’ consultation was also held this year. 29 hours of the GWP Network Meeting 2019 attracted an audience of 10,000 and 2500 views of the Facebook site, as well as nearly 400 readers of the thematic report on GWP WeChat.

in Southeast Asia, the meeting was held from 09.00 -11.00 AM, Jakarta local time (GMT+7). The GWP partners from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Viet Nam participated in this annual meeting to discuss the GWP New Strategy as well as the Revitalization of GWP Southeast Asia Multi-stakeholder Platform for optimal implementation of GWP Strategy 2020-2025.

Mobilising communities to manage floods in north-western Thailand

 The new publication, “Mobilising Change Makers”, are a collection that illustrate GWP’s water and climate resilience outcomes from 2011 to 2019, giving an overview of changes that have improved livelihoods and made communities more climate resilient. As one of the network in our region, the Thailand Water Partnership story on 'Mobilising communities to manage floods in north-western Thailand' was discussed briefly on this report.

Through the Water, Climate and Development Programme (WACDEP), Thailand Water Partnership mobilised local governments to share knowledge with communities. The region now has a flood early warning system that helps communities to plan ahead and protect themselves.