GWP-C Partners' Databases

The databases highlighted on this page have been developed by our partners and strategic allies. These databases are specially tailored for Caribbean stakeholders to aid in climate resilient decision making for inter alia the water sector.

The Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology (CIMH): Caribbean Climate Impacts Database (CID)

The Caribbean Climate Impacts Database (CID) is a web-based information and communications technology (ICT) application which aims to address the disconnect between climate and disaster impacts and the response to impacts at the national and regional level. It is an open source inventory of geo-referenced, historical weather and climate-related impacts. It ingests events, stores them and renders the total events onto a visual map. It provides users with a means to view current trends of disasters within a country or it’s sub regions based on previous data stored. The CID has a sectoral focus and archives impacts affecting five (5) climate sensitive sectors – agriculture and food security, water, disaster risk management, health, and tourism. The CID is freely available and the registration process is quite easy. Just click Registration on the side bar and fill in the required information. A link will be sent to your email with your username and password.

Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre: Regional Clearing House

The Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre's Regional Clearing House is an online archive and information exchange system for climate resilient decision-making. It helps users to search, access, request and contribute digital documents, project reports and scholarly articles related to climate change in the Caribbean.