WACDEP Activities

The Global Water Partnership-Caribbean's (GWP-C's) Water, Climate and Development Programme (WACDEP) for the Caribbean is being implemented through 4 interrelated components with 8 work packages.

Programme Components & Work Packages

Component 1: Promote water security, climate resilience
and “no/low regret” investments as a key part of national and regional development processes

1: Regional Cooperation in Water Management

2: National Development and Sector Plans

3: No/Low Regret Investments in Regional and             

    National Development

4: Project Preparation and Financing

Component 2: Address critical water security challenges
to enhance climate resilience of  countries and communities

5: Demonstration Projects

Component 3: Promote knowledge generation and
dissemination of information on water  security and climate resilience

6: Capacity Development

7: Knowledge and Awareness

Component 4: Support to partnership  development,
programme management and fundraising

8: Governance and Fundraising