GWP-C WACDEP Training Package

GWP-C Training Package on an IWRM Approach to Building Climate Resilience in the Caribbean Water Sector

Global Water Partnership-Caribbean (GWP-C) is pleased to launch its 2015-2016 Water, Climate and Development Programme (WACDEP) training package on “Building Climate Resilience in the Caribbean Water Sector: An Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) Approach.”

This training package has already been delivered in countries such as Saint Lucia and Antigua & Barbuda and will be rolled out in other countries in 2016 and beyond. Training package materials are available for download on this page (see right-hand menu) and use by persons with an interest in water resources and climate change issues.

These downloadable materials are also being used by GWP-C facilitators for in-country training sessions. The training package utilises and builds on tools, resources and experiences arising from a GWP-C and Cap-Net/Caribbean Water Net regional capacity building partnership (2013-2015), as well as, a GWP-C partnership with the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC) on the CCORAL-Water Initiative (2014-2015).

The training package is comprised of the following materials and resources:

Presentation Training Slides:

These are centred around six (6) modules on:


2) Drivers and Impacts of Climate Change

3) Impacts of Climate Change on the Water Sector
4) Adaptation Strategies

5) Climate Resilience

6) Tools and Resources

The slides serve as a quick primer on the key issues. Much more detailed information is available in the Cap-Net Manual (See right-hand menu to download Presentation Training Slides).

Updated Cap-Net Manual on “IWRM as a Tool for Adaptation to Climate Change:

This is a Caribbean Version of the generic Cap-Net manual which now includes Caribbean Case Studies and 2015 climate information (See right-hand menu to download Manual).

Training Videos:

These include modules on:

Module 1 – Introduction to IWRM and Climate Change

Module 2 – Drivers and Impacts of Climate Change

Module 3 – Strategy Development and Planning for Adaptation

Module 4 – Impacts of Climate Change on Water Use Sectors

Module 5 – Techniques for Assessing Impacts

Module 6 – Dealing with Uncertainties

Module 7 – Instruments and Measures for Adaptation

Module 8 – Adaptation in Water Management

(See all video links in the right-hand menu).

Achieving Development Resilient to Climate Change: A Sourcebook for the Caribbean Water Sector:

This publication was developed and launched in 2014 but is an intrinsic part of all GWP-C's WACDEP climate resilience training activities (See right-hand menu to download the Sourcebook).

The Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre's (CCCCC's) Caribbean Climate Online Risk and Adaptation Tool (CCORAL) is an integral part of the training package. This tool was enhanced by GWP-C in 2014 with more content relevant to water resources professionals. During in-country training sessions, trainees are given practical experience in assessing the climate risks and possible adaptation measures for projects, programmes etc. using CCORAL. Persons downloading and exploring the materials in this training package should also consider visiting and using the CCORAL.