Facilitating the Establishment of a SADC Water Utilities Association

A RSAP priority intervention calls for the need to develop a strategy for innovative development finance mechanism for the water sector. The water services sector is facing challenges in meeting the demands for service delivery as well as a changing natural and business environment.

There is therefore a need for the establishment of a formal institutional structure that will enable Water Utilities Companies in the SADC region to proactively establish innovative financing mechanisms and influence the business environment and further adapt to the changing landscape in the water sector.

A Scoping study is being undertaken to understand the current landscape with regards to the water services delivery sector and institutional enablers to successful Water Utilities Associations that promote institutional exchange of best practices; provide sustainable, efficient and affordable water services and sustainable financing mechanisms for water services delivery. 

The Scoping Study will provide recommendations on practical options to establish an operational Association. This study will be the basis for a Regional workshop for Water Utilities Companies operating in the SADC region.