Transboundary Water Knowledge Sharing Platform

The SADC-GIZ TWM Programme is building on the successful implementation of RSAP I, II and III particularly the stakeholder engagement and knowledge management efforts as well experiences of other programmes and projects contributing to the strengthening of stakeholder engagement in IWRM.

Lessons from the past experiences will inform the implementation of the programme and innovations to increase stakeholder engagement and knowledge sharing will be supported. During implementation GWP SA will strive to strengthen and enhance the current stakeholder engagement efforts from merely reaching the target audiences to facilitating knowledge sharing and engagement by utilising modern technology and communication platforms.

This will enable SADC to share the knowledge and outcomes from previous Water Dialogues and RBO Workshops and provide an opportunity for key stakeholders and event participants to access and share information before, during and after the Dialogue. The programme is supporting the establishment and/or strengthening of communities of practices such as the Gender Community of Practice which require a user friendly and needs driven knowledge sharing platform.