Principles and Values

GWP-WA was officially established on March 22, 2002 during General Assembly in Bamako (Mali).
The Partnership is an autonomous association, non-lucrative, apolitical and non-religious, formed into a regional network of partners interested in the promotion of IWRM.

IWRM takes inspiration from the principles adopted at the Dublin and Rio conferences:

  • Principle 1: Freshwater is a limited and vulnerable resource, indispensable             to the sustenance of life, development and the environment.
  • Principle 2: Water development and management must be based on a        participatory approach with the involvement of users, planners and          political decision-makers at all levels
  • Principle 3: Women play a dominant role in the provision, management     and preservation of water
  • Principle 4: Water has an economic value in all its competitive uses and     must be recognised as an economic good.