NCWR Programme Mediterranean

The programme started to address water scarcity in the Mediterranean. It was first launched in Greece (2008) and since then expanded in the Maltese Islands (2011), in Cyprus (2013), and in Italy (2015).

The Non Conventional Water Resources (NCWR) Programme in the Mediterranean is an award-winning initiative designed and implemented by the Global Water Partnership - Mediterranean (GWP-Med).

NCWR is a multi-stakeholder Programme promoting the partnership of public and private actors to achieve water security.  With the financial support of the Coca-Cola Foundation, GWP-Med together with the national and local authorities and the Coca-Cola Systems in Greece, Cyprus and Malta, installed over 100 systems for the use of non conventional water resources in the programme countries. 

Rainwater harvesting, greywater re-use and storm water management are some of the systems implemented to alleviate water crises. In recent years, the NCWR technologies have been improved by innovative techniques and methods and are serving as a cost-effective solutions for enhancing water availability and addressing water challenges at local level.

The programme projects are tailored to meet local needs and can be easily replicated in other water-scarce communities across the Mediterranean and beyond. The goal of each NCWR project is to demonstrate the potential of non conventional water resources and the positive impact for the community now and in the long run.  

With the climate change mitigation and adaptation strategy in mind the NCWR Programme offers a holistic approach towards NCWR management, including:

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