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Increasing urban green in Thessaloniki

A vertical garden, with over 800 pots and four kinds of plants watered by a rainwater collection system, changed the landscape in the second biggest city of Greece!
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NCWR Programme: 10 years of impact in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean is a region rich in history but poor in water resources. The dry landscape led ancient civilisations to seek alternative resources to supply water in their communities. Local wisdom prompted the construction of cisterns to collect rainwater. Rain harvesting is a simple yet revolutionary idea, as it is a cost-efficient practice utilising a sustainable non conventional water source, embodying recycling and reuse principles. Translating traditional practices into modern solutions to address water scarcity was the starting point of the Non Conventional Water Resources Programme in the Mediterranean in 2008.
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International Women's Day

International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated annually across the world to remind us of the battles fought and the ones ahead towards gender equality. Time is now for equality in water access and management! How can activism empower #WaterWomen?

Advancing Urban Water Management in Alexandroupolis

The rapid population growth in cities, coupled with a changing climate pose great challenges for both people and nature. An integrated water management approach is required to achieve resilience while creating a livable urban environment.