NCWR Activities in Cyprus


The NCWR Programme in Cyprus, through its holistic approach, will focus on three main pillars of action:

(i)           NCWR applications: installation of a number of new and reinstatement of existing NCWR systems (mainly greywater reuse and rainwater harvesting systems) in selected public buildings, with special focus in schools, centres of environmental education and sports centres.

(ii)         Educational and Training activities:

  1. Development of Educational Material on Non Conventional Water Resources in Cyprus by the MIO-ECSDE/MEdIES Secretariat and the Cyprus Pedagogic Institute, aiming to provide contemporary background material for the educational activities of the Programme in Cyprus.
  2. Training of local teachers and educators on how to apply the Educational Material, through teacher training sessions and workshops.
  3. Enhancing the technical skills of local workers and local authorities’ technical services, on traditional know-how, as well as on modern technologies for NCWR schemes and water related innovations, through seminars.

(iii)        Awareness Raising activities

Sensitise the general public on the sustainable water use and the NCWR solutions that can be easily and cost effectively applied at domestic and community level, through targeted communication activities and events.