Alter Aqua Workshops, 19 September 2012, Gozo, Malta

Alter Aqua Workshops, 19 September 2012, Gozo, Malta


In the framework of the Alter Aqua - Non Conventional Water Resources Program in Malta two events workshops will be held in the Island of Gozo on Wednesday 19 September 2012, as follows:

1. Workshop on Water Management in the Island of Gozo, 19 September 2012, 08:30-13:00, Victoria, Gozo, Malta

The Workshop aims to:

- To enhance the capacity of local councils to manage and advance the use of non conventional water resources at local level, as well as water saving practices

- To share best practices and lessons learned from other water scarce Mediterranean countries, transfer this knowledge at local level and explore ways to apply it in the Island of Gozo

- To provide a platform for multi-stakeholder dialogue on priorities and needed actions for advancing non-conventional water resources management in the Island of Gozo

- To discuss ways to enhance awareness raising and stakeholders’ engagement through participatory processes

- To brainstorm ideas for local and national water projects to be included in the Eco Gozo Action Plan 2013-2015.

The Workshop targets all stakeholders directly or indirectly involved in water management at local level in the Island of Gozo, as well as major water users: local and regional councils, tourism professionals, farmers, environmental consultants, civil society organisations and NGOs.

2. Technicians Training Workshop, 19 September 2012, 14:30-18:00, Victoria, Gozo, Malta

The Workshop aims to serve as an initial in-depth training for technicians and professionals involved in construction on the application of modern rainwater and storm water harvesting and grey water reuse systems and materials, and enhance their capacity to install, retrofit and repair such systems and share their expertise at local level.

New innovative materials and methods will be introduced, presenting the pros and cons for each method and how to choose the appropriate system and material and tips for installations. The training includes a site-visit to a school in Gozo where an innovative rainwater harvesting system is being installed, in the framework of the Alter Aqua Program, in order to experience the actual application of such system to be used for the first time in Malta.

The Training is addressed to all technicians and professionals in the construction industry, including technical workers, plumbers, architects, civil engineers, constructors, etc.

All interested parties should fill and return the Registration Form selecting the Workshop they wish to attend by 14 September 2012 to:

For more information kindly contact Ms. Konstantina Toli, Alter Aqua Coordinator, GWP-Med, at: Global Water Partnership – Mediterranean (GWP-Med) T:0030-210-3247267 or -3246490, F:0030-210-33317127,