Promoting Greywater Recycling in the Mediterranean

Tangible applications of greywater recycling systems, supported by raising awareness of untapped water resources

According to 2017 UN World Water Development Report, waste water is an untapped resource. Consistent with the report findings, GWP-Med, already since 2008 through the Non Conventional Water Resources (NCWR) Programme, has been showcasing in the Mediterranean how greywater can be a valuable resource.

Treated greywater is a suitable water source for secondary uses at the local level and significantly reduces the wastewater load, offering various environmental and economic benefits. Toilet flushing and landscaping require a tremendous amount of fresh water; this can be safely replaced by treated greywater.

Promoting greywater recycling has been a key priority for the Programme, which is working to demonstrate how NCWR applications can be tailored to respond to local water needs and climate change adaptation challenges. Community involvement is fundamental for effective water management, thus the Programme also focuses on raising awareness of water saving practices in daily life.

To achieve its goals, the NCWR Programme, financially supported by The Coca-Cola Foundation is collaborating with local authorities and undertakes works in public buildings that will impact locals and help create a new water culture. In this framework, greywater recycling systems have been installed in several public buildings across the countries which participate in the Programme.

Specifically, in Cyprus, among other works, the Programme in 2017 launched the 15th  greywater recycling system in the country and second in sports facilities. In the Kolossi football field, significant quantities of water were consumed and wasteful behavior was observed, as all athletes take a shower after training and games. In this case, the greywater recycling system was introduced as a water-saving solution designed to collect water from the showers and wash basins of the changing rooms. Following a treatment process, the treated water is reused to water the greenfield. In this way, the system has increased water availability at the football field of Kolossi and relieved the pressure on groundwater resources.

This project is supported with a vivid communication campaign to raise awareness of the importance of water reuse and the technology behind it. The campaign image was launched on World Water Day 2017. This image signifies the beginning of an interactive communication approach aiming to inform citizens on ways to utilise non conventional water resources, not yet tapped.