GWP-Med demonstrates water reuse potential among Youth in the Mediterranean

Young water specialist gathered to celebrate the World Water Day and discuss a diverse agenda on wastewater reuse practices.

In honor of World Water Day, on March 21-22, GWP-Med participated with an active role at the “Youth Innovating with Wastewater for a Sustainable Mediterranean” workshop organised by the Centre for Mediterranean Integration (CMI) in Marseille. The workshop targeted more than 60 young water professionals and activists from across the Mediterranean, aiming to stimulate inter-generational and regional knowledge exchange on wastewater with a clear focus on youth. It emphasised existing solutions that can be shared and reproduced at the institutional and technical levels in the region while stimulating youth entrepreneurship and activism as well as civil society-based actions.

Ms. Mariela Antonakopoulou, GWP-Med, was invited to present the experiences from water reuse applications through the Non Conventional Water Resources Programme . Ms. Antonakopoulou developed and facilitated an interactive team activity for the workshop. The activity aimed to collect recommendations and innovative ideas for a sustainable zero waste and water Mediterranean by 2030. The working groups focused on the following topics:

  • Implementation of various Technologies,
  • Investments,
  • International Cooperation and Partnerships,
  • Policies and Governance,
  • Education,
  • Youth Engagements,
  • Awareness Raising.

Based on a scenario and a mock up map of a Mediterranean island developed for the purpose by GWP-Med, the Youth representatives reflected on the potential roles of wastewater in creating a more resilient Mediterranean while stimulating youth innovation and employment. 

Through the multiple presentations and team activities, the participants were encouraged to expand their knowledge on the multiple uses of wastewater while networking with other water experts, researchers, and entrepreneurs from the Mediterranean. Special interest was given in the development of a Network for Youth in the Mediterranean to promote youth empowerment and leadership, enhance youth participation and advance the youth agenda in the region. GWP-Med is consistently supporting Youth focused initiatives to promote the sustainable and equitable use of water resources. 

 Photo by CMI Marseille