Key Tunisian stakeholders trained in water security and climate resilience

WACDEP Tunisia held their first national training workshop from June 2nd to 5th, 2014 in Bizerta, north of Tunisia. The workshop was well attended by 16 participants, drawing from the key institutions involved in water security and climate resilience in Tunisia.

These include: (i) the Ministry of Agriculture: the Water Resources Department, the Planning and Hydraulic Balance Department, the Land and Water Preservation Department, the Forestry Department, the Agriculture Planning Department and the Regional Direction of Agriculture in Nabeul; (ii) the Ministry of Equipment, Land Planning and Sustainable Develpment Ministry: the Land Planning Department, the Environment and Life Quality Department; (iii) the Ministry of Economics and Finance: the Regional Development Department, the Infrastructure Department; (iv) the Ministry of Transport: the National Institute of Meteorology; and (v) Civil society and independent experts.

Over the four day workshop period, participants were afforded the opportunity to share experiences during plenary sessions as well as participate in group activities and building networks. The workshop was facilitated by three trainers specializing in water resources, climate change expert, economics and institutional function, with additional support provided by the National Training Coordinator.