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Water security must be mainstreamed in NAP, says GWP Burkina Faso workshop

GWP Burkina Faso implemented the start-up meeting and first national training workshop on June 16th and 17th to 20th, 2014, respectively in Ouagadougou. The start-up workshop was chaired by the General Secretary of the Ministry of Water, Hydraulic facilities and Sanitation, the Executive Secretary of GWP-West Africa and the Chair of GWP-WACDEP Burkina Faso.

Beneficiary institutions taking part to the capacity development programme brought representation from the following institutions: (i) the Municipalities (Association of Mayors of Burkina – Faso and the Municipality of Lumbila); (ii) the Ministry of Animal and Fishery Resources (General Directorate of Statistics, Forecasting, and Livestock); (iii) the Ministry in charge of Economy and Finance (General Directorate of the Budget/ Directorate of National Budget Planning); (iv) the Ministry in charge of Environment and Sustainable Development (Permanent Secretary of National Commission of Environment and Sustainable Development and Regional NAP Coordination Offices); (v) the Ministry in charge of Water, Hydraulic and Sanitation (the Permanent Secretary of the IWRM-Plan, the General Directorate of Water Resources, the Directorate General of the Water Resources Agency of Nakanbe catchment) and the Parliament. It was agreed that water security issues must be mainstreamed and viewed as cross cutting in the NAP document expected to be approved by the Government in the second half of 2014. Through this programme, GWP- WACDEP is expecting to enhance the capacities of national institutions in order to ensure smooth implementation of the NAP’s process in Burkina Faso.