GWP 1st Annual Lecture with Dr. Ismail Serageldin, Librarian and Director of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Press InvitationGlobal challenges and water security: threats and opportunities

On September 4 the Global Water Partnership (GWP) arranges a unique lecture with the prominent and internationally recognized Dr. Ismail Serageldin, former Vice-President of the World Bank, the founding Chair of GWP, and currently Librarian and Director of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Egypt. Dr Serageldin was instrumental in establishing GWP in 1995 and continues to support GWP as a Patron.

Each year, GWP invites a prominent speaker to stimulate and provoke innovative thinking on global water issues. The theme of this year's lecture is “Global challenges and water security: threats and opportunities”. The lecture is part of the programme for GWP’s annual Consulting Partners meeting where water organizations from all over the world meet in Stockholm to discuss urgent water issues. Special focus this year will be on the devastating floods in Pakistan, among other water related topics. More about GWP Pakistan here:

Dr Ismail Serageldin
Dr Ismail Serageldin, who chaired GWP from 1996-2000, is also the Chairman of the board of he seven affiliated research institutes, and chair and member of a number of Boards and Committees for academic, research, scientific and international institutions and civil society efforts. He has published over 60 books and monographs and over 200 papers on a variety of topics including biotechnology, rural development, sustainability, and the value of science to society. More information:

A Global Partnership for Water
The vision of the Global Water Partnership is a water secure world. Water security is key to sustainable development and water is essential to the life of the planet and to the prosperity of its people. Global challenges like climate change, population growth, urbanisation, and evolving energy needs are putting unprecedented pressure on our finite freshwater resources.

A water secure world harnesses water's productive power and minimises its destructive force. It is a world where every person has enough safe, affordable water to lead a clean, healthy and productive life. It is a world where communities are protected from floods, droughts, landslides, erosion and water-borne diseases. Water security also means addressing environmental protection and the negative effects of poor management. A water secure world means ending fragmented responsibility for water and integrating water resources management across all sectors – finance, planning, agriculture, energy, tourism, industry, education and health. A water secure world reduces poverty, advances education, and increases living standards. It is a world where there is an improved quality of life for all, especially for the most vulnerable – usually women and children – who benefit most from good water governance. Global challenges which may threat water security must thus be addressed and we must take advantage of the opportunities which they may bring.

GWP is actively seeking solutions for critical challenges to water security. Its mission is to support the sustainable development and management of water resources at all levels. GWP was created to foster the implementation of integrated water resources management (IWRM): the coordinated development and management of water, land, and related resources by maximising economic and social welfare without compromising the sustainability of ecosystems and the environment.

GWP’s international network comprises 13 Regional Water Partnerships, 74 Country Water Partnerships, and 2,176 Partners located in 153 countries.

Date: 4th September 2010, 16:00
Venue: BLU Arlandia Hotel, Arlanda, Stockholm

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