Theory of the Framework

The Strategic Framework is grounded in a core objective: to provide sustainable WASH service delivery both now and into the future. The emphasis is on climate resilient development, including strengthening the resilience of WASH systems, and on investments to manage current and long-term climate variability.

The Framework

The WASH Climate Resilient Development Framework is targeted towards WASH sector practitioners, providing guidance on the main elements to be considered in the planning and execution of actions aimed at building climate resilient WASH services.

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 Understand the problem - Guidance Note

The Risk assessments for WASH guidance note forms part of the Strategic Framework and it has been developed to support national workshops in developing draft programmes, strategies and plans. It sets out an approach for conducting risk assessments for the WASH sector, to provide evidence to support the prioritisation of risks requiring action.

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 Identify and appraise options - Technical Briefs

The brief on Linking risk with response: options for climate resilient WASH looks at how the WASH sector could adapt to climate change. Action must be taken now if the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) targets on WASH are to be achieved in the face of climate change. If delivered in the right way, WASH can improve people’s resilience to climate change directly.

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The Appraising and prioritising options for climate resilient WASH brief focuses on appraising and prioritising options for climate resilience with a view to inform WASH programme and project design. There may be a number of options to choose from so it is important appraise these to ensure the most appropriate ones are implemented and that scarce resources are used to maximum benefit. 

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 Deliver solutions - Technical Briefs

The Integrating climate resilience into national WASH strategies and plans brief is part of efforts to ensure early action and an effective response by national WASH ministries and departments to prepare and implement coherent and balanced national WASH strategies and plans that incorporate climate resilience. 

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 The brief on Local participatory water supply and climate change risk assessment: modified water safety plans looks at how the WASH sector could adapt to climate change. Action must be taken now if the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) targets on WASH are to be achieved in the face of climate change.

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Monitor and move forward - Technical Brief

The aim of the Monitoring and evaluation for climate resilient WASH brief is to set out how indicators can be identified and used to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of measures introduced to enhance climate resilience, and their contribution to the overall sustainability of WASH services. The brief focuses on the additionality that climate resilience M&E introduces when incorporated into existing M&E systems.

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