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GWP is what it is because of its network: over 3,000 institutional Partners who are committed to the sustainable management of the world's water resources. We invite your organisation to become part of our network so that you can keep up-to-date on water issues and help to create a water secure world.

There are many ways to get involved, from simply subscribing to receive news from us to becoming an official Partner.

Become a Partner

Becoming a GWP Partner is more than just becoming a name on a list, it is an opportunity to learn about IWRM from expert sources, find guidance, support and interact in water discussions at all levels from local government to the international agenda.

Applications are open to all institutions that agree to the terms of becoming a Partner, have an interest in water sustainability, IWRM, and support the Dublin-Rio Principles.

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Get connected and stay informed

With more than a quarter of the world's population using the internet, the worldwide web is a powerful platform for working together and ensuring that water stays on, and moves up, the global agenda. One of the easiest ways to support GWP is by keeping yourself current on GWP activites by signing up for our monthly e-newsletter, NewsFlow, and soon-to-come alerts. You can also join our public groups such as Twitter YouTube or Flickr, as well as build your professional contacts via our LinkedIn group.

Posted: 2010-03-22

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