Terms and definitions beginning with the letter "B":

Base flow
The amount of water in a stream that results from groundwater discharge
A river or lake basin is the area bounded by the watersheds of a system of streams and rivers that flow towards the same outlet. In the case of rivers this is generally the sea, but may be an inland water body, such as a lake or swamp
Best management practices (BMPs)
measures applied to management activities to help ensure water efficiency and decrease water use
Type of fuel whose energy is derived from biomass (biological carbon fixation), e.g. from plant starch, sugar or oil or from animal fat
Blue Book
Tool that promotes exchange, dialogue and mobilization of stakeholders involved in managing water resources and services, in order to promote large-scale projects in partnership with decision makers, civil society and the private sector
Blue water
Fresh surface and groundwater, i.e. the water in freshwater lakes, rivers and aquifers
Narrow shaft driven into the ground, either vertically or horizontally, to obtain water. A borehole may be constructed for many different purposes, including the extraction of water, oil or gas
Water that contains too much salt to be useful to people, but that is less salty than seawater
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