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FAO Vacancy: Land Bank Consultant in Grenada

The Sub-Regional Office for the Caribbean (SLC) is responsible for developing, promoting, overseeing and implementing agreed strategies for addressing sub-regional food, agriculture and rural development priorities. It develops and maintains relations with sub-region wide institutions including Regional Economic Integration Organizations (REIOs). The Sub-Regional Office is a subsidiary of the Food and Agriculture Organisation’s (FAO’s) Regional Office for the Latin America and the Caribbean (RLC).
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Ecosystem Protection Gaining Greater Interest and Understanding

GWP and Wuhan International Water Law Academy are co-organisers of a 6-part series called the "Transboundary Freshwater Security Governance Train." The second session took place on 16 February on “Ecosystems, International Law, and Transboundary Water Cooperation”. The event gathered over 100 participants, led by a panel of international experts who agreed that ecosystems protection has been gaining increased political acceptance and technical understanding in recent years.

Call for offers for a Study on the eventual formalisation of aspects of flow regulation in the Drina basin

Global Water Partnership – Mediterranean (GWP – Med), legally and lawfully represented by the non-profit society MEDITERRANEAN INFORMATION OFFICE FOR ENVIRONMENT, CULTURE AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT – MIO ECSDE announces the present call for offers for the preparation of a Study on the eventual formalisation of aspects of flow regulation across the riparian countries of the Drina and their Nexus sectors.
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WEF Nexus framework to strengthen coordination of water, energy, and food sectors in the SADC Region

The Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) Water Energy Food (WEF) Regional Governance Framework is expected to strengthen WEF Nexus governance in the region. The Framework together with the web- based regional investment project screening and appraisal tool form part of the milestones achieved during the first phase of the WEF Nexus Project implemented from January 2017 to December 2019. The WEF Nexus Phase One has also been key to promoting the WEF Nexus agenda in the SADC region, attracting high-level political buy-in in the region and interest beyond the SADC region.
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We Asked Youth: What Gives You Hope in 2021?

2020 proved to be a difficult year for people worldwide, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the cascading effects this brought to every aspect of life, both personal and professional. While 2021 may not seem that different to 2020, there are glimmers of hope that show a light at the end of a dark tunnel. In the ongoing collaboration on youth stories between GWP and the World Youth Parliament for Water (WYPW), we asked young people what gives them hope in 2021.
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Water Management Strategy in Three Basins of Southern Honduras

GWP is coordinating the formulation of a Water Resources Strategy and Action Plan for the Nacaome, Choluteca and Sampile river basins in the Gulf of Fonseca region in Honduras. The Strategy was validated in a series of workshops in December and January and is expected to be finalized during the month of March 2021.