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A “Financial Fitness” workshop for GWP South Asia

An intensive 3-day Finance Officers’ Training for South Asia lead by Salman Riaz, Finance Officer from GWPO Finance Team took place in Colombo, Sri Lanka on 4-6 September 2018. The training was with full of sharing, learning, networking, team and capacity building.
/ Mediterranean

A Green Wall in Thessaloniki

A vertical garden, with over 800 pots and four kinds of plants watered by a rainwater collection system, changed the landscape in Thessaloniki!
/ Global

Increasing the Impact of GWP’s Knowledge Resources

GWP is evaluating the role of knowledge within its Technical Committee (TEC). Selected forward thinkers and headquarter staff gathered for a 2-day collaborative workshop in Athens, Greece, on 4-5 September, to explore how GWP can access and apply the knowledge of the network. The big question was: How can we increase impact as well as stakeholder and user benefit? Ahead of the workshop, TEC Chair Jerome Delli Priscoli shared his thoughts on where TEC is going.
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GWP Speaks to Range of Issues at 2018 World Water Week

GWP representatives from global, regional, and country level took part in 27 different public sessions at this year’s World Water Week in Stockholm, Sweden, 26-31 August. Sessions covered a full range of topics, such as Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), ecosystems, urban, migration, drought, financing, transboundary, youth, etc. The GWP booth also had themes every day of the week, which included capturing the voices of the visitors, and networking.
/ Mediterranean

MENA Focus at the 2018 Stockholm Water Week - Spotlight on Wetlands: their services and how to best protect and valorize them through a Nexus approach

The crucial role of water ecosystems -and especially coastal wetlands- in Middle East & North Africa (MENA) and the policy options on how to best protect and valorize them through a Nexus approach were discussed at a session co-convened by the Global Water Partnership – Mediterranean (GWP-Med) and Wetlands International during the recent World Water Week in Stockholm (27-31 August 2018).
/ Mediterranean

NCWR Programme: 10 years of impact in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean is a region rich in history but poor in water resources. The dry landscape led ancient civilisations to seek alternative resources to supply water in their communities. Local wisdom prompted the construction of cisterns to collect rainwater. Rain harvesting is a simple yet revolutionary idea, as it is a cost-efficient practice utilising a sustainable non conventional water source, embodying recycling and reuse principles. Translating traditional practices into modern solutions to address water scarcity was the starting point of the Non Conventional Water Resources Programme in the Mediterranean in 2008.
/ Central and Eastern Europe

Shared Vision Planning approach applied in Tisza River Basin

The uneven distribution and quality of water resources in the Tisza River Basin brings challenges on how to elaborate the Programme of Measures as required by the EU Water Framework Directive. The team of 43 experts is currently working on the update of River Basin Management Plan under the Interreg project JOINTISZA.