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/ Mediterranean

Interview with Mr. Almotaz Abadi, Managing Director UfM-Water, on the UfM Water Agenda

In an interview for GWP-Med Newsflow, Mr Almotaz Abadi, Managing Director for Water, at the Union for the Mediterranean - Water and Environment Division, discusses regional efforts to address water scarcity and climate challenges, the key ingredients of impactful UfM projects, ways to adapt to COVID-19 effects, and the necessity of adopting a proactive approach for realizing the SDGs.
/ South Asia

User need assessment excercise for newly designed Hindon Dashboard

The first user need assessment workshop for piloted Hindon Dashboard was organised by GWP India (India Water Partnership) in collaboration with Tree Craze Foundation, National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) and Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan (NYKS) volunteers on 13 July 2021, online.
/ Global

Preparing for Extreme Weather Events Before Disaster Strikes

The devastating floods in Western Europe highlight the serious weather extremes that are now affecting many parts of the world. Until recently, it was easy to overlook these events, thinking they only happened in poor and remote communities in less developed countries. Not anymore. The flooding last week shows that climate change is real, it is hitting close to home, and it’s affecting all of us.