One more regional partner for IDMP WAF

As part of the preparation of a national workshop on Climate Services to provide priority areas defined by the Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS), GWP/WA participated to the national meeting in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso initiated by the Coordinator of GFCS for the Sahel region.


The main discussions focused on the content of the workshop to be held in February 2015. This workshop will have the participation of main stakeholders such as climate’s meteorological services of Burkina, CONASUR, UNDP, the University de Ouagadougou, the Ministry of Agriculture, The Red Cross, etc., and will focus on:

  • The mapping on existing products needed in priority sectors, including agriculture and disaster management;
  • The identification of key players in the business climate services in Burkina: Roles of stakeholders (producers, products / temperature service users ... );
  • The designing of action plan and strategies: From the mapping of products and stakeholders, the needs will be identified and an action plan will be done for fundraising strategy and capacity building.

GWP / WA will use this opportunity to strengthen the network of IDMP WAF partners at national level and will see how to involve them in the drought's project activities at national level.