GWP WAf at the regional days

    The Chair of GWP West Africa, Prof. Abel AFOUDA  accompanied by the Regional Coordinator and Communication took part in the GWP regional days 2015 in Stockholm from 22 to 25 November.   This meeting was an opportunity to review the progress made by the global network in its fields of action and to make projections into the future. GWP and several partners express satisfaction since their efforts to have a water dedicated sustainable development goal come true. Discussions are underway to better position the network of partners in supporting countries to be successful in the implementation of the SDGs as a whole but especially the goal 6 with its different targets. Discussions at the regional days gathered ideas for a better positioning of GWP.

    Speaking to the Steering Committee members and financial partners, the Executive Secretary, Dam MOGBANTE delivered the following message on GWP West Africa impact and prospects for the next three years in the region : « GWP West Africa has influenced Policy in many countries, supported national development processes in Mali, Benin, Gambia, Senegal, and Cape Verde with some success and we are implementing Programme of actions for sustainable growth in many other countries like Ghana, Burkina, Niger and in transboundary River basins like Niger and the Volta.

    In line with the SDGs and in support to the ECOWAS regional water policy, we will continue to support the countries through the SDG 6.5, support the joint management of the Mékrou transboundary shared resources for the benefit of people living in the basin, and we intend to focus on integrated water and Land management as well. Water and food security are very important areas for the countries of our region and we want to mobilize the whole GWP network to support country efforts on these issues during the next years.”

    A farewell ceremony was organized on behalf of the outgoing Chair, Mrs Ursula Schaeffer-Preuss who is leaving GWP.