IDMP: Mali validates the review of initiatives

As part of the implementation of the West African component of the Integrated Drought Management Programme (IDMP-WAf), Mali Country Water Partnership (CWP Mali) organized on 12 and 13 June 2015 the validation workshop of the review of initiatives in the area of ​​drought in the country.

The opening ceremony was marked by the welcome address of the representative of GWP / WA, the vice chair of CWP Mali and the opening speech of the National Director of Hydraulics.


The document presented shows a predominance of initiatives respectively in the fields of agriculture (39%), climate change (31%) and water resources (23%). This is explained by the domains of action of the surveyed institutions involved in the different sub areas of drought which are agriculture for 40%, water resources and climate change, shared equally with 48 %, training and capacity building occupying 8% of the sector and meteorology that is only 4% of the sector. These elements show the priority setting in Mali, a Sahelian country on food security and water resources that are most affected by the adverse effects of drought and climate change. However, to better fight against these harmful effects, an extra effort is needed on the meteorological component to have enough basic elements in the design of projects and, on the component on capacity building / training of actors and grassroots communities.

Following the presentation of the report by the consultant, exchanges took place and the major amendments request that an executive summary of the document is drawn, an analysis and a mapping of actors in the field of drought are also added.

 The meeting, which brought together twenty participants also validated the report on the review of initiatives in the area of ​​drought in Mali. A proposal and agreement on the implementation process of the national platform on the issues of drought and a presentation of the tools for identifying training needs on the general concepts of Integrated Drought Management were done.

Parallel exchanges with the Country Water Partnership have enabled the IDMP Waf project manager to agree on the process of writing demonstration projects in Mali, to assess the needs of the participants in integrated drought management and identify avenues of cooperation with the Sahel Institute (INSAH) based in Bamako, Mali.