Mékrou trains coordinators to carry out household surveys in the Project Area

As part of the implementation of Mekrou project, and in order to lay the foundations for proper planning, a socio-economic survey will be carried out on households in the basin area in the 3 countries. An initial technical information and training workshop of country coordinators of these investigations was held in Cotonou from 18 to 20 November 2015.


The workshop allowed to finalize the questionnaire and field campaign by the three coordinators of the investigation teams in their respective countries (Burkina Faso, Niger and Benin) who are well acquainted with the suitable tools and approach, to select and confirm the list of municipalities and village where the surveys will take place. Participants were also introduced on the management of the Aquaknow intranet so they can share information about the project.

The workshop was attended by a team of GWP composed of the chair, Professor Abel Afouda, the Executive Secretary, Mr. Dam MOGBANTE, the Mékrou Project Officer, Mr. Corneille AHOUANSOU, the Chair of CWP Benin, Mr. André TOUPE, Mrs. Rachel ARAYE and Mrs. Flower MITHOUN of CWP-Benin.

Some exchanges took place on the management of the Mékrou project between the JRC and the GWP-WA. This meeting allowed to agree on the modalities for finalizing the reports, to be introduced to the use of Aquaknow Site to publish the project results and information and identify next steps.