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《联合国世界水资源发展报告》(WWDR)是由联合国教科文组织编写的对全球水资源发展进行综合分析的权威年度出版物。自2015年开始,中国水资源战略研究会暨全球水伙伴中国委员会联合教科文以及中国水利水电出版社共同制作中文版书籍,为更多中文读者提供水资源相关的国际权威素材。 我们认为世界水资源发展报告制作上城,案例多样。每年以水为核心,内容却以不同的专题展开,书中以大量真实案例反映不同国家的水问题,对典型管理手段及实施效果进行剖析,提炼成果显著的模式或方法。
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催化变革 制定水资源综合管理(IWRM)和提高用水效率 战略 的手册

This handbook seeks to provide countries with the knowledge they need to act on the WSSD action target in the way that is most useful for them. Strategies should catalyze action, not retard it. Each country must decide the scope and timeline for change based on its goals and its resources. The important thing is to take the first steps. The Chinese version.
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The focus of this paper (2.92 MB) is to analyse the relations between human society, water resources and ecosystems, to clarify why and how vital ecosystems have to be protected and to indicate how this effort can be better incorporated in IWRM. The Chinese version.
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This paper (1.98 MB) focuses on the implications for poverty reduction of taking an IWRM approach. The paper argues that no strategy for poverty reduction can be effective unless water policies in all their dimensions are brought within it purview, and IWRM is adopted which allows competitions over access and uses to be fairly and transparently moderated. The paper (593.6 KB) is divided into two main parts. The first part puts forward a strong case for applying IWRM globally and defines the IWRM concept and process. The second part provides additional advice and guidance on how IWRM could be implemented in different conditions. The Chinese version.
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Цель данной работы состоит в том, чтобы представить логически последовательное всестороннее исследование такого понятия как руководство водой и показать, как оно связано с управлением и развитием водных ресурсов.
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This paper (345 KB) attepmts to address different risk categories that water managers and water users are faced. It argues that risk managment is a distributive issue that cannot be treated solely as a technical matter best handled by experts. It involves the allocation of wealth and welfare between water sectors, communities and individual users; those affected need to be involved in decision making. The Chinese version.