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/ West Africa

Mekrou Project final scientific & PMT meetings held in Niamey

The regional center AGRHYMET together with NBA, JRC and GWP-WA organized the final workshop for the synthesis of scientific activities of the Mekrou Project. The event took place in Niamey, Niger from 7 to 8 December 2017.
/ West Africa

Final meeting of the IDMP first phase

The meeting was held in Léo, Burkina Faso from 19 to 22 December 2017 to draw lessons from the implementation of the first phase (2015-2017) and plan for the second phase focus activities. Main regional partners (VBA, Ministry of Environment of Burkina, ECOWAS/WRCC, CILSS/AGRHYMET, IUCN, WASCAL, SOS Sahel International, WAEMU, 2IE, University of Ouaga 2, CWP Burkina Faso, CWP Mali and CWP Niger) gathered to make a participatory self-assessment of the implementation of the Integrated Drought Management Project in West Africa.
/ Central Africa

GWP CAF and its partners build capacity on IWRM and climate resilience

The GWP CAf and the UNESCO Regional Multisectoral Office for Central Africa, in collaboration with ECCAS, organized from 8 to 10 November 2017, a capacity-building workshop on IWRM and climate resilience in the context of transboundary catchment basins, in the case of transboundary catchment basins.
/ West Africa

Guinea, bodies finally renewed - new leadership to boost the CWP hopefully

After many years of hesitation, the Country Water Partnership of Guinea held its third partners’ meeting on December 14 in Conakry. The so awaited meeting gathered about sixty (60) representatives of partner organizations in the country and presided by the technical advisor to the Guinean Minister of Energy and Water, Mr. Ismael DIA.
/ West Africa

Benin, new leadership for the CWP

The Country Water Partnership of Benin (CWP Benin) held a two- day partners’ meeting to review statutory texts and renew its organs. The event took place on 14 and 15 December 2017 in Cotonou.