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Ode to Oasis by the River Black

The program on River Black (Hei He in Chinese) has implemented from 2016. The GWP China Yellow River worked with the River Black Administration to implant ‘sense of ecosystem’ into the mind of decision makers of to improve the environmental quality of the river basin. The WACDEP in China (2017-2019) emphasizes ‘integrated river basin management (IRBM)’ implementation outcomes of the River Black Basin.
/ West Africa

Final planning for the Mekrou Project

The staff of the Executive Secretariat carried out a retreat from 24 to 28 July 2017 in Leo, with the aim of updating the planning and organizing the final actions for a good end of the Mékrou project and the other initiatives.
/ West Africa

IDMP follow up mission in Burkina Faso

The IDMP project manager together with CWP Burkina and some GWP WA staff have visited the pilot project site wher innovating practices of resilience to drought are promoted in Komki Ipala. The visitors were much satisfied with results achieved by the pilot project which initiated various techniques of restoration of degraded lands to produce grass for animal feeding through natural assisted regeneration. These technics are mastered by the populations involved in the project. To show their mastery they are testing a long time abandoned land to grow some crops.

Third National Water Week in Côte d'Ivoire

The third edition of the National Water Week of Côte d'Ivoire (SNECI) took place from 18-20 July 2017 on the theme: "On the road to emergence, how does Côte d’Ivoire manage her water resources in with climate change? ".
/ West Africa

Benin: Planting trees to restore the ecosystem of the head source of the Mekrou basin

The official launch to restore the head source of the Mekrou basin was done on 20 June 2017 by the Mayor of Kouandé as part of the implementation of the Pilot Project to Support the Restoration of the Mekrou Basin (PAREM). This is the start of the campaign for the reforestation the site of “Makrou wirou” in the neighborhoods of Birni (commune of Kouandé).
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SDG 6 Initiative in Honduras

The Government of Honduras is fully committed to implementing the SDGs. That is why the authorities have begun efforts to align the SDGs with national and programmatic objectives for development - a summary of work done to date has now been published.
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International Water Law Training in Latin America

Six countries were represented at the 9th workshop on International Water Law for Latin America, held in Antigua, Guatemala, on 19-23 June. A GWP Technical Focus Paper on managing transboundary waters in Central America was also launched at the event.
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New Tutorials for IWRM ToolBox

The IWRM ToolBox is an online database about integrated water resources management (IWRM). With the launch of the new GWP website in March, the ToolBox became an integrated part of the website (“LEARN”). We present new tutorials to assist both new and returning visitors.