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2017 Watershed Conference in Philippine

The event tackled the roles of LGUs, water districts, and stakeholders in the watersheds, updates and best practices in watershed management as well as other ingredients to ensure protection of our valued watersheds, in the context of planning, collaboration and action.
/ Central Africa

Annonce pour chargé de Programme Assistant

Pour accompagner ses partenaires et PNEs, le GWP CAf recrute un Chargé de Programme Assistant Régional qui sera basé au secrétariat régional du GWP-CAf à Yaoundé. Sous la responsabilité directe du Coordonnateur du Secrétariat Régional GWP-CAf, le/la Chargé de Programme Assistant aura pour tâches principales d’appuyer la mise en oeuvre et, la conception et le développement des « Projets et Programme », y compris le développement et la maintenance de partenariats stratégiques clés. Il appuie également à l’élaboration et le partage des produits de gestion des connaissances avec le réseau GWP et à l’identification de toute synergie avec d'autres projets du réseau GWP, en collaboration avec d'autres partenariats régionaux pour l'eau.
/ Central Africa, Southern Africa

GWP – CAf Integrating water security and climate change adaptation

The Water, Climate and Development Programme (WACDEP), being implemented by Global Water Partnership Central Africa (GWP- CAf), has surpassed expectations and supported the production and delivery of National Adaptation Plan (NAP) in Cameroon.
/ China, South Asia, Southeast Asia

ASEAN 50 Years Anniversary

The Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) is a sister to the “One Belt One Road” and also to the “south-south in Asia”. The year of 2017 arrives to the 50th year anniversary of ASEAN. On August 2 and 4, 2017, the anniversary was celebrated in Bangkok, Thailand. GWP China Regional Programme Manager & TEC member, Prof Jinjun YOU attended the event in Bangkok.
/ Mediterranean

GWP-Med Launches #SaveWater Campaign

Aiming to raise awareness on the criticality of not wasting water in the islands and beyond, GWP-Med launched a new campaign titled #savewater at the beginning of summer in Greece.