Strategic Goals

GWP is a global network and because it works at all levels, our Strategy must both articulate what GWP will deliver through the network, and provide strategic direction for GWP's semiautonomous regional bodies.

The GWP Strategy 2009-2013 sets out the guiding parameters and strategic goals for the network. Within this framework, GWP Regional and Country Partnerships, the GWP Secretariat and the Technical Committee, based on the needs and priorities of the constituencies they serve, will design their own strategies and annual work plans to meet the strategic goals.

GWP Strategy 2009-2013The Global Strategy provides the strategic direction for the whole network, but acknowledges that it is not feasible to set detailed indicators for regions as dissimilar as Southern Africa, South America or China. Each Regional Water Partnership has developed its own Regional Strategy that specifies outcomes in detail specific to the characteristics and priorities of each region. The Regional Strategies contain the most appropriate indicators for monitoring and evaluating progress towards strategic goals. The Global and Regional Strategies are thus complementary and are implemented through annual work plans.

In carrying out the Strategy, the GWP will work with many other actors, both local and international, to provide support to governments that are ultimately responsible for implementation, but do not have sufficient resources to act alone. In this context GWP supports the implementation of change processes through mobilising support, by coordinating across different disciplines and sector interest groups, by facilitating and awareness raising processes and by sharing knowledge and developing local capacities. GWP thus triggers change and promotes implementation of actions that improve water resources management and development.

The 2009–2013 Strategy covers the run up to 2015, the target date for the Millennium Development Goals. GWP Partners are committed to helping realise the globally agreed targets outlined in the Millennium Declaration. This Strategy will strengthen their efforts. Each strategic goal promotes social equity, economic efficiency and environmental sustainability, by improving the way water is managed and developed.

A network-wide consultation in 2008 generated four strategic goals that will be pursued by the Partnership during 2009–2013. GWP Partners fully endorse the four goals. All are equally significant. The goals include (1) an operational goal, (2) an advocacy goal, (3) a knowledge goal and (4) a partnering goal. For each goal, GWP identifies the outcomes it will pursue and the strategy it will follow. GWP will focus its contributions and work on specific aspects of issues highlighted in the four goals.

Posted: 2010-04-28

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