Global Water Partnership - GWP

Protecting the Black Sea marine environment

The Black Sea will be better protected under a new draft of Georgia’s 4th National Environmental Action Programme which features 13 sectoral directions, including waste management, water resources management, and marine environment protection.

Working on the marine element of the programme has been a collective process – with GWP Georgia actively participating in a working group for setting priorities towards the improvement of the Black Sea. 

Uzbekistan adopts national strategy for irrigation

The Republic of Uzbekistan is a landlocked country that relies on transboundary sources from neighbouring countries for about 90 percent of its water supply.

There have been significant reforms in the water sector in recent years and this has involved contributions from GWP Uzbekistan, which has provided decision-makers with key insights on IWRM principles.

The latest development happened in 2021 when a decree was adopted ‘on approval of the strategy for managing water resources and developing the irrigation sector in the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2021–2023’.

“The right strategy is half the battle”

GWP CACENA Regional Coordinator, Guljamal Nurmuhammedova