Global Water Partnership - GWP

Integrated water action advances in Kenya

In 2021, the Kenya SDG 6 IWRM Action Plan was completed. GWP Eastern Africa collaborated with Cap-Net UNDP, UNDP, UNEP-DHI, and the government to achieve this milestone through a process involving participation of top officials from the Ministry of Water, the National Treasury, other government ministries and agencies, civil society, academic institutions, and the private sector.

The Action Plan comprises actions cutting across all sectors, including one to develop incentives for private sector investment in IWRM. Towards the end of 2021, UNEP and GWP identified Kenya as one of two countries to benefit from the pilot SDG 6 Matchmaking Initiative which aims to mobilise funding from entities which are not investing at the required scale or not investing at all. For Kenya, the main target is the private sector. An investment plan has been developed to mobilise financing to address focus areas in the Athi River catchment area.