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Incorporating an inclusive gender approach to Ecuador’s NDCs

GWP South America has been working with the Ministry of Environment and Water of Ecuador to ensure an inclusive gender approach to the country’s Nationally Determined Contributions. Part of this work has been the development of an awareness and training programme on adaptation and gender aimed at government professionals. The training modules were delivered between June and July in 2021, resulting in 24 participants gaining certification.

In addition, three knowledge products were produced as part of GWP South America’s help in developing a methodology for climate risk to groups prioritised in the National Climate Change Strategy of Ecuador.

Read the interview with the Climate Change Adaptation Specialist at the Ministry of Water and Environment.

Paraguay’s Climate Change and Gender Communication Plan

With the support of GWP South America and the NDC Alliance, the Minister of the Environment and Sustainable Development and Minister of Foreign Affairs presented an update on the country’s Nationally Determined Contributions in 2021. The event was attended by ministerial authorities and diplomatic representatives. 

GWP leveraged its track record of delivering water and climate resilience results in South America, along with its multi-stakeholder approach to working on water and climate resilience, to actively support Paraguay to include investments in climate change adaptation as part of these updated NDCs.

Young leaders as agents of change

In 2020, GWP Venezuela held a contest on ‘Youth as Agents of Change in favour of IWRM’. Ten winners, selected from more than 200 entries, were announced in December 2020 and showcased in early 2021.

Most of the winning projects are being executed in the different countries; others are in the process of seeking financing and improvement. In May 2021, a webinar, attended by 80 participants, shared more about the results of the programme. At the webinar, GWP South America Chair Leandro Díaz announced, “The youth programme developed by GWP Venezuela will continue this year with regional support.” In an interview with Cecila Gómez, the project leader, details of the Programme were explained.  

“IWRM is at the heart of GWP and promoting the inclusion of youth is part of the regional and global strategy”

Chair of GWP South America, Leandro Díaz